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 Magic the gathering for free!

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Magic the gathering for free! Empty
PostSubject: Magic the gathering for free!   Magic the gathering for free! EmptySat Aug 04, 2012 10:25 pm

So i've happened to come across this awesome program.

it lets you play magic the gathering
  • online
  • with your friends
  • completely for free
  • with unrestricted access to every single card
  • and you can make whatever decks you want

it's pretty amazing

the only drawbacks it has is that the user interface takes a bit of getting used to. It works kinda like it does irl, you do most things manually. but that makes it feel like you have the actual cards~

if you wish to join us, the set up is pretty straight forward and the download isn't incredibly huge either.

first register an account with them(it's literally name, password, email address, then click link in email)
next download the client
install it
once it finishes installing it'll get you to download the card database.
make sure you check all and set it going
this is the longest part but even it aint that long, maybe a few mins.
the program is all ready for you now!

if you are completely new to the game one of us will be glad to teach you. i'v got some nice beginners decks set up which are great to learn with.
if you already know the basics you can go ahead and construct your own decks, in whatever way you like. whether it be from scratch, getting an idea from somewhere else, or even just straight copying a deck. some great ideas and copy-paste decks can be found here: MTG Daily Deck List

i choose the hypothetical third option.
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Magic the gathering for free!
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